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Ben Young is an American fine artist, working in California. Born in New York City, Ben was exposed to art at an early age through his father, grandfather and grandmother who were all painters.

Ben moved to Los Angeles after high school where he attended, and graduated from Otis College of Art & Design.


Ben’s lineage in art, his exposure to the masters and his education speak through his work today. His professional background in realism, composition and color theory have had a strong influence on his drawing and painting. Combining bold color with personally developed and traditional painting techniques he creates a striking balance of realism and abstraction. His diverse skill set has allowed Ben the ability and opportunity to paint in multiple styles and palettes successfully. 

" Art is a journey. Each piece, the product of a lifetime of seeing, feeling, traveling, listening and absorbing. I paint to express myself, my opinions and observations, and, through my work bring a new perspective to those who observe it."


" I am honored to have studied art and worked with brilliant creatives, absorbed and gained from these experiences. I have listened to advice (good and ill-advised), travelled the world and surrounded myself with creativity and creative people.  As an artist I have been given the opportunity to visually reimagine and expand upon the nuances of my experiences."


" Art is a place I can go, free of time and boundaries."


   ~ Ben Young

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